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  1. Olga_OK

    Olga_OK Новый участник

    Левандовская Ольга Александровна
    Город проживания:
    Минск - Вильнюс - Полоцк
    Название учебного заведения:
    Educational institution: European Humanities University
    Опыт работы:
    см. резюме во вложении
    Профессиональные навыки:
    см. резюме во вложении
    Знание языков:
    Водительские права:
    • Есть
    Личный автомобиль:
    • Нет
    Семейное положение:
    Не замужем
    Возможность командировок:
    Хочу зарплату (минимум):
    1500 br.
    Я Вконтакте:
    Date of Birth: 30.03.1991
    Family status: not married
    Children: no
    Moving to another city: yes
    Business trips: yes
    Hobbies: sport, yoga, travelling
    Bad habits: no

    Educational institution: European Humanities University
    Graduation date: July 2018
    Faculty: Media and Communication
    Specialty: Bachelor of Communication and Information

    Educational institution: Pedagogical College
    Graduation date: July 2012
    Faculty: Foreign languages
    Specialty: Teacher of English language

    Additional education
    Name of courses: Advanced training courses
    Educational institution: Minsk State Linguistic University
    Certificate: March 2013

    Name of courses: Foreign language courses
    Educational institution: Centre of Foreign Languages "Propilei"
    Certificate: June 2014

    Name of courses: Business training courses
    Educational institution: International Centre of Business and Development
    Certificate: October 2014


    Company: LC Waikiki Retail Bel
    Business sphere: International Retail
    Position: Manager Trainee / Section Manager
    Working period: June 2015 - still working (from April 2016 – Section Manager)
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Staff recruitment for a new opening store - arranging and holding interviews (for sales assistants, cashiers, warehouse clerks, a visual merchandiser)
    2. Preparing and filling full package of documents for employment
    3. Ensuring all paperwork received is scanned and stored both electronically and on the
    4. employee's paper file
    5. Primary staff training and motivating
    6. Training the most skilled and motivated staff members according to an induction program (all the candidates successfully finished the program and got promotion)
    7. Establishing excellent customer service and satisfaction
    8. Maximizing store productivity and efficiency
    9. Establishing and maintaining high standards of store layout and visual merchandising in line with the corporate standards
    10. Preparing documents, cash statements, contracts, agreements etc.
    11. Work with cash points and 1C Enterprises
    12. Audit and inventory process support
    13. Work as a warehouse clerk
    14. Work as a sales assistant
    15. Work as a cashier
    16. Work as a section manager
    17. Work as a store manager
    18. Work as a store visual merchandiser
    19. Work with customers’ complains
    20. Coping with problems and unexpected situations (such as a fire alarm) and taking responsibility for counting up and banking money

    Company: Private trading unitary enterprises “NCH Inguz”
    Business sphere: retail trade of equipment for cars’ repair
    Position: Director
    Working period: February 2015 - June 2015
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Personnel management - plans and conducts all recruitment processes
    2. Training employees - supporting successful staff induction
    3. Recruiting practice using assessment center technique – arranging and holding interviews
    (for payroll specialists, accountants, lawyers, administrators, drivers, cleaning specialists)
    4. Prepared vacancy referrals assessment process, credentials reviews
    5. Managing sickness records and the overall sickness administration of the company
    6. Preparing and filling full package of documents for employment
    7. Ensuring all paperwork received is scanned and stored both electronically and on the
    employee's paper file
    8. Development of corporate culture
    9. Work with order’ list and current affairs
    10. Negotiation with partners
    11. Clerical work, answering phones
    12. Meetings with clients in the office
    13. Stock control
    14. Cash handling

    Company: GBO, GiftBasketsOverseas.com
    Business sphere: specializes in sending high-quality gift baskets throughout the world
    Position: Manager for working with international partners
    Working period: September 2014 - February 2015
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Development of employees in a distance format
    2. Holding skype - trainings for staff to improve customers’ service
    3. Recruiting practice in a distant format (via skype)
    4. Supporting successful staff induction
    5. Implemented and monitored employee performance reviews
    6. Formation and development of corporate culture
    7. Communication with partner by phone and email
    8. Placing orders on international web sites (like amazon, hamper, frucon etc.)
    9. Arranging delivery of gift baskets to clients
    10. Work with clients’ complains
    11. Work with credit cards and different payment systems
    12. Work with documents and current affairs
    13. Sorting post, filing and prioritising
    14. Preparing and sending follow-up letters
    15. Providing high standards of customer service
    16. Organizing presentations and liaising with clients

    Company: SATIO , www.eng.satio.by
    Business sphere: Development of market economy and the customers’ business
    Position: Interviewer
    Working period: April 2014 - June 2014
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Communication with clients by phone
    2. Work with documents and current affairs
    3. Meetings with clients in the office
    4. General office duties
    5. Dealing with business customers

    Company: State Secondary School №16, Polotsk, pgossh16.info
    Business sphere: Education
    Position: Teacher
    Working period: January 2011 - August 2014
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Organizing lessons according to the plans
    2. Training, supervising according to the procedures
    3. Work as a tutor for individual practice
    4. Work as a tutor for gifted and talented children for participation in olympics
    5. Work as a show man in a concerts, competitions
    6. Work as a script writer for competitions and public holidays
    7. Work as a orator, announcer and lecturer for school meetings
    8. Work as a trainer in a school drama club, staging plays according to original script
    9. Work as a psychological specialist consulting children and their parents
    10. Holding psychological trainings
    11. Work with documents and current affairs

    Company: Private tourism agency “Malina”
    Business sphere: provides travel and tourism related services to the public
    Position: English - speaking guide
    Working period: in my free time (like a hobby)
    Main responsibilities:
    1. Meeting and supporting tourists
    2. Organizing business meetings
    3. Booking hotels, tickets, transfers etc.
    4. Managed employee relations
    5. Organizing and holding excursions
    6. Help in preparing documents or organizing presentations according to the given topic
    7. Planning and preparation of tourists’ reception and their guests
    8. Formation and development of corporate culture


     A positive and enthusiastic attitude with the ability to self - motivate
     Good communication and negotiation skills
     Ability to work in a multitasking
     Ability in working accurately under pressure.
     Familiarity with Windows packages including MS Word, MS Access and Internet Explorer
     Foreign languages:
    • Russian / Belarusian - native
    • English - free speaking
    • Italian - basic
    • French - basic
    Full, clean driving license
    Upon request
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